Shanghai Pudong New Area Library Report December 2010

2010-2011 promotion programs of visually-impaired computer training service

In order to better reflect the social responsibility of public libraries, and actively help narrow the information gap for blind readers, the Shanghai Pudong Library utilize IFLA Ulverscroft Foundation prize for visually impaired person to carry out training for the promotion of computer education services, specific programs are as follows:

First, organizing a national training course of visually impaired services
Training Location: Pudong library for the blind center.
Recruit: the blind service staff in public libraries all over the country especially in remote underdeveloped areas.
Enrollment: 15

Second, support public libraries in remote provinces to run visually impaired computer teaching service courses

Training Location: remote provinces (regions) Center City Public Library.
Recruit target: local city and county public library staff serving in the blind.
Recruit number: According to the local conditions separately.

Third, to support public libraries in remote poor areas to carry out the visually impaired services

Support Area: Xinjiang Kashi Area, and Sha Che County Public Library.

Support the project: to provide specialized equipment, coaching staff,and donating books and material for the blind.

Fourth, the visually impaired computer training course

Training Location: Pudong library for the blind center.
Training time: Every 3 months.
Enrollment: 12-15 names each.



Warming Disadvantaged Groups Sharing Reading Resources

Report to the Ulverscroft Foundation January 9, 2011

“Symposium on Service for Visually Impaired Community and Training Course on Screen Reader Software for the Blind” was held on January 6-7, 2011, in Heilongjiang Provincial Library. It is the main concern to take advantage of social education function of public libraries to provide high-quality, omni-directional service for the disabled, and promote information accessibility for visually impaired community. With the specialized software, they would experience cultural life in digital era, such as web surfing, reading, getting information, and communicating. Duan Youshan, the Chairman of Heilongjiang Provincial Disabled Person’s Federation (HDPF), and Qi Jun, the Deputy Director of Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture attended the opening ceremony, and made important speech respectively. They stressed that it was a very important function for public libraries to develop service for the disabled, and information accessibility for visually impaired readers should be vigorously promoted. Gao Wenhua, the Librarian of Heilongjiang Provincial Library presided over the opening ceremony.
Platform, improve the service for the disabled and expand social benefit.

Li Shunhua, the director of Shanghai Pudong New Area Library, and a blind teacher, Xu Bin introduced some successful experiences on how to service for visually impaired readers, and direct the blind to use screen reader software. About 30 visually impaired readers gathered in Barrier-free Service Center, Heilongjiang Provincial Library. Xu Bin taught them to use screen reader software. He introduced his experience of web surfing, getting information, effective searching and communicating with others on the base of this software, which interested visually impaired community and stimulated them to learn and use this software. Main members to attend the course were librarians and technicians of 28 municipal (prefectural) public Librarians in Heilongjiang Province. On behalf of Shanghai Pudong New Area Library, Mr. Chen sent audio film CDs to them, which provided abundant resources for barrier-free service of public libraries in Heilongjiang Province. It is believed that public libraries would enter a new stage in the field of service for disabled people and information accessibility.

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