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Help for Public Libraries and Hospital Libraries

Public libraries receive financial support from the Ulverscroft Foundation for projects to help the visually impaired.

For example, the purchase of computerised reading machines for visually impaired readers. These machines read aloud text and so give people the ability to read virtually any printed document, including private correspondence.

The Ulverscroft Foundation also funds the purchase of other simpler reading aids such as CCTVs, hand held magnifiers, also aids to mobility for library users. Libraries have been provided with large print books and talking books for their housebound readers. Over the years we have received many letters expressing appreciation of our large print books.

The Ulverscroft Foundation has also supported library projects which encourage adults to discover or rediscover the pleasure of reading through literary discussion and awareness groups.

The Ulverscroft Foundation and IFLA Libraries for the Blind Section have cooperated to present a series of Best Practice Awards to libraries, and to individual members of staff in libraries, to support projects for visually impaired library users.

The Ulverscroft Foundation has provided large print books to hospital libraries for the benefit of elderly and infirm patients.

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